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The restaurant & grocery delivery business is booming right now.

SNAP Delivered is a revolutionary new platform that aims to become a leading restaurant or grocery delivery service.

Some big delivery service companies lack transparency with their customer fees and delivery driver compensation. This lack of transparency makes it frustrating for delivery drivers, and calculating earnings for deliveries can be impossible.

If you want the best experience for restaurant and grocery food delivery and the best prices, you’ve got to order from SNAP Delivered!

The SNAP Delivered Difference

Other delivery service companies like to engage in questionable practices, especially menu markup to customers. Customers are often caught off guard and in many cases, don’t even realize that the prices listed on a restaurant’s menu is not what they’re actually paying!

These markups tend not to be small, insignificant amounts. The fees that these food delivery service companies tack on can be 20%-30%. In addition to the menu markups, these service companies also charge a delivery fee. WIth all their hidden charges, this can bring the total order percentage to 40% or more!

Like you the customer, restaurants are also at the mercy of these delivery service companies. Restaurant owners have to pay high fees for food delivery, which can reduce the restaurant’s profit margin to zero.

Welcome to a new restaurant delivery world where transparency is everything. With SNAP Delivered, you’ll pay the price listed on any restaurant’s menu and you’ll always know ahead of time the cost to deliver your food.

With SNAP Delivered, you also can feel good ordering delivery from your favorite restaurants, knowing that they, too, are being treated fairly by not being overcharged.

SNAP Delivered drivers are trained professionals and will always arrive with their delivery bag in hand, keeping your food warm or cold.

And, you can earn money yourself by helping others! When you introduce SNAP Delivered to family, friends and even restaurant owners and managers, you can earn commissions. 

SNAP Delivered saves you money on restaurant food delivery and puts more money in the restaurant’s pockets and more money in the driver’s pockets.

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